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Top Questions

What if I'm not sure about what type of treatment I want or need?

Here at Perceptive Touch each visit is individualized specifically for you.  At your first session, we will sit down to discuss your needs, any relevant medical history and your goals to find which treatment best suits you.

Are there conditions that would prevent me from being treated?

Yes,  there are certain medical conditions that are contraindicated including but not limited to acute infection, fever, malignancy, cellulitis, aneurysm, open wounds,contagious skin conditions, advanced diabetes, acute RA, osteomyelitis and so on

What to expect?

Come in without expectation. We want to treat the symptoms and find the cause. We often forget to look at the body as a whole and as we do this work you will recognize how interconnected the body really is. Your knee pain may actually be coming from an imbalance in the pelvis or your shoulder pain may coming from the hip. As we tune into your bodies restrictions we will follow the patterns to allow the body to let go, reorganize and begin to heal.

Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

Only with a signed consent form from your physician clearing you for treatment and as long as you are medically stable. All final decisions will be made by me and I have the right to refuse to treat you if I do not feel it is safe and appropriate to treat you at the time.

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release, aka MFR,  uses specific techniques to release the connective tissue known as fascia, that intersects and surrounds every muscle, bone, organ and vessel in our body. Using a combination of gentle sustained pressure, stretching, rebounding, and unwinding, it facilitates your body's ability to heal properly from injuries and can restore ROM, function and decrease pain.

What will my first session be like?

We will review your complaints, medical history and any areas of concern , then discern what type of treatment is appropriate at this time and what you are open to. Are you here more for massage, MFR, energy healing or a combination of approaches?
For general massage you will undress to your level of comfort, will be draped appropriately and hypoallergenic, all natural massage cream is used. For MFR, Bodywork and Energy Healing, most are comfortable in a bra, underwear or shorts and a tank top. No lotion is used and skin on skin contact is best to feel into the restrictions and allow the body to release. 
From there you will get on the table and let the magic begin. Welcome to the next step of your healing journey.