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About Me

I am Mary Raddell. I started Perceptive Touch Massage and Bodywork, LLC to provide a holistic integrative approach to massage and wellness. As a Physical Therapist Assistant and Licensed Massage Therapist with a natural gift for touch and understanding of the mind body connection, I have developed the ability to tune into your body's restrictions and ability to heal itself.

With the use of Integrative Bodywork, I develop a one-on-one, individualized treatment program for each client. I use a combination of gentle, safe and highly effective therapeutic techniques to tune into your body's restrictions and structural imbalances to get to the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. This helps bring you back to a state of balance, reduces stress and improves day to day function.

To learn more go to services and booking or contact me at perceptivetouchmassage@gmail.com

"The first wealth is health" -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Contact: Mary Raddell

If you have any questions before booking an appointment, email me or fill out the form below. To book an appointment, please visit the Services and Booking page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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